Some of the relaxing activities you can indulge in on Bolilanga, Togian Islands include: snorkelling, fishing in a typical Togian fishing boat,and hiking for coconut crabs. Settle in the Togian way of life with a cold beer and watch the sunset behind the neighbouring island. Soak up the Togian atmosphere as you enjoy food prepared by our experienced local cooks. Enrich your Togian experience by sharing our beautiful azure waters with multi-coloured Togian coral fish including the graceful ‘lionfish’ and fan-shaped ‘akar-bahar’. Take time out of your busy schedule to live life the Togian way.

Explore the natural forests on a day trip to the island of Malenge fom Bolilanga Togian, and you can also visit Colo volcano on the island of Una-Una. Snorkelling in these waters you will discover how corals grow in an incredible variety of shapes and sizes offering living opportunities for these wonderful coloured creatures.

Kabalutan Village, Togian Island, is home to the indigenous tribe of Bajo. Bajo people are semi-nomadic, and depend on the sea to meet their needs. From Bolilanga Togian to the village is just a short boat ride and we will be happy to take you to visit these self-sufficient people. Buy fresh lobster from them – if available – or the Togian catch of the day. Visit the simple school rooms where you can meet the children who are as fascinated by you as you will be by them.